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My heart aches September 28, 2005

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Today must be what friends are referring to when, in hushed tones, they pointedly ask: “How’s Raphael doing with the move?”

Today on the playground, he stood watching the other Israeli kids playing with each other. No one even looked at him. And generally he’s the kid all the other kids latch onto – effervescent, evocative, bubbling…

So as he stood watching, he began sucking his thumb. 1) he’s tired 2) he’s scared 3) he’s unhappy.

The answer came rapidly enough as he suddenly burst into tears and folded into my open arms moaning: “I miss my friends. I want to play with my friends. I want Elijah” (his best friend from San Francisco)…

God my heart was breaking, my eyes were swimming and I would have done anything in the world to make him feel better…


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