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COOKIES!! January 1, 2006

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As part of the quest to fill up Hannuka vacation time, we kept ourselves busy with various fun and interesting adventures and outings this week. A trip to the mall to check out the traveling Press Photos of the Year, treks to the playground, a train ride to Aunt Babe and Uncle Irving’s for spaghetti lunch and TELEVISION (!!! – we don’t have one) and a playdate with not one but two of Raphael’s female classmates.

On the playdate, a tip: When they say “three’s a crowd”, believe it.

For exactly 22.3 minutes the three got on fine, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Then everything went potty.

Raphael’s Mom? She insulted me
Raphael’s Mom? He yelled at me
Stop looking at me
Don’t touch me
Go away!

And then there were tears, declarations of never playing with each other again and just as a complete breakdown into the physical realm began, the mothers showed up to take their darlings home.

A very right decision on the excursion front, on the other hand, was yesterday’s trip to the Roladin Cookie Factory in Kadima. Joined by friends Steve & Natasha and their twin, 8-year-old boys, we saw how things are done on the baking floor, watched a mouth-watering film about the delights Roladin produces and then got to do a hands-on with the kids rolling chocolate mousse balls in sprinkles and coconut, cutting out hearts, stars and rounds in butter cookie dough, dousing chocolate crinkles in powdered sugar and then inhaling the magnificent aroma as the goodies baked.

In business since 1987, Roladin is a mid to upper tier bakery supplying cakes, cookies, bread, quiche, mini-mousse desserts, and during Hannuka donuts, to 19 shops in Israel. Their “gimmick” is that each and every one of the thousands of delicacies shipped out each day is made by hand. There are literally, no machines.

The factory offers year-round tours and it’s well worth the NIS40 for hands-on fun. Plus, parents get complimentary coffee (espresso/latte, etc.) after the tour and kids get a bag of their own, personal-baked loot to enjoy later until the sugar high kicks in and then…

Happy Eats!


4 Responses to “COOKIES!!”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Just found your blog and like it! Which mall has the photo exhibition, and is it worth going to see?

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Thanks! Truth is we saw the fringes of the exhibit but didn’t go all the way thru since small child wasn’t interested…but it should be well worth it based on what I read and saw. slf

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Duhh…sorry. The exhibit runs through the 14th (I think) at Dizengof Center, top floor

  4. Nicole Says:

    thanks 🙂

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