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Excuse Me? January 11, 2006

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Can someone please enlighten me as to WHY the jankyest, bottom-feeder Revlon Mascara selling for $6.00 at Walgreen’s in the U.S. retails here in Holy Land Central (HLC) for nearly $20?!?

I mean, I’m not overly girlie-girl-esque but I do fancy my eyeliner, lipstick and mascara; So I look up prices at Macy’s and find that I can get a good, Lancome Magicils for $21.50 and a M.A.C. Splashproof for $10 (!). Of course, I’d also have to incur a $1000 plane ticket to actually purchase them but…

My question: Did the Revlon mascaras sneak through security, slip into the duty-free food shops and roll in Beluga en route to Tel Aviv? And am I doomed to buying janky, over-priced make-up here in HLC? For those in the know, I’m counting on you. HELP!! (Buddha Patiently Reminds: Were it that this was my greatest challenge in life)


One Response to “Excuse Me?”

  1. Allison Says:

    Your problem is price, not availability, right?

    Lancome is everywhere like Superpharm, and there’s a M.A.C. store in the Ramat Aviv mall.

    (Should we meet there? It’s a good midway point)

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