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Input Time January 18, 2006

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Hello to my pals, anonymous shoppers and confidantes reading this post, wherever you may be.

Today is officially “Feedback Day” dubbed so because I genuinely need input on two very different fronts. Please flow forth freely because I am at a loss.

1) Notice how the main items on this blog have dropped all the way down the page? Can someone PLEASE clue me in as to how to change the HTML or correct the formatting to get the items back up to the top?

I’ve messaged blogspot, read tips on working with HTML , looked at the template HTML repeatedly and fiddled with it and e-mailed a friend all to naught. I offer a free, all-day pass to Coney Island in Manhattan to the person capable of solving this riddle.**

2) Am I the only person who detects incredible irony in an editor’s comment: “Well at least we pay our writers”? Shucks, call me naive but where I was raised, you get paid for doing a job period. It’s not a privilege or something to be begged for. Have I fallen into double jeopardy territory where payment for service is an anomaly? And just exactly how does one address the request: Don’t get angry with our accountant for not paying you (on time and the full amount owed). It upsets her. How selfish of me to roil her delicate coif.

Comments, insights and suggestions welcome. Thank you. Shalom.

**Oh sorry. Coney Island closed last century


3 Responses to “Input Time”

  1. Swollen Says:

    I think that everyone who has used Blogger runs into this problem. In my case it had to do with the width of a post. It may have been the title or the graphic. If you remember which post led to this change, you should go back and edit the post changing the size of the title, placement of the graphic etc, then preview and re-publish. Hopefully someone more experienced with Blogger will provide more precise instructions. Good Luck!

  2. Gavriel Says:

    I’m not sure I can offer a perfect fix (one that will accept absolutely anything you type into any post and still look good), but I can give you a little input here.

    The problem is happening because of the _____ divider you have in the yoga post. It is wider than the standard width at which the text usually rolls over. Since all the ____’s are like an unbroken word, it can’t break it into a smaller line, so your post ends up seeming wider than should be theoretically possible. The block that holds your posts is now wider than normal and no longer fits in the space your template assigned to it next to your sidebar, so it slides it down to the next available space.

    One solution is to erase about 10 of the ____’s from that post and try to avoid that as a divider in the future.

    Another option is to change the width assigned to your content space so it can now accomodate the long divider. In your template, the key line is this:
    (under the line that starts #Content)
    change it to

    Given the choice, I’d probably go with just avoiding the ____ lines because its safer and easier. I added the second choice just to show off that I even have a clue, but since it’s really only half a clue, I can’t recommend you risk your blog’s future on that.

    Good luck either way. The content is good even when the format slips a little.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Gavriel, did I mention that my 2nd born – should I have one – will be named Gavriel to go with Raphael? Now we just need a Michael and..
    Thank you, thank you, thank you…I was killing myself with changing picture widths, margins, etc…It was the BLOODY LINE! I owe you. Steph

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