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Weekend Tidbits February 11, 2006

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A few “only in HLC (Holy Land Central)” vignettes:

Outside Gan Ha’Ir shopping mall in central Tel Aviv a cellist and violinist are jamming for spare change. Their musical selection? Adon Olam

Trying on clothing in a Tel Aviv boutique, the early-20’s guy in the adjoining booth tells his friend: “Naw, this shirt won’t work. Too bar-mitzvah

After 1/2 an hour of trying on muted brown and mauve lipstick shades at the local MAC store in a Tel Aviv suburb mall, I pick out two favorites. We have all of the reds but otherwise, we’re pretty much out of lipstick, informs the young saleswoman who has been standing at my side the entire time

And a final vignette. In Margaret Cho’s “I’m the One that I Want” (check out these clips from Notorious), she muses over feeling sorry for whites in the company of Asians because (paraphrase) Asian people will talk s**t about you right in front of you.

Apparently some HLC women graduated from the same Korean Finishing School as Cho’s compadres. Walking into a boutique last week, a shameless saleswoman spoke disparagingly about me to a colleague in Hebrew and then approached with an enameled smile asking Can I help you with anything?

Where was Margaret with a comeback? (*sigh*)


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