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Political Crisis February 18, 2006

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.. Here’s the dilemma of the week:

You’re a head of state traveling on a shuttle diplomacy mission in the Middle East aimed at rousing or at the very least determining support for intended Iraq sanctions.

After a successful visit with Bahrain’s Emir you arrive at the airport to find two shopping bags sent personally by the chieftan himself.

Inside are Rolex watches for your staff and accompanying crew and a special diamond encrusted one for you. Problem is that your government’s protocol doesn’t allow accepting the gifts. Returning them, however, would be a serious faux pas.

What to do?

a) swear everyone to secrecy and keep the goods anyway. who’ll find out?
b) pretend to return them but instead hawk them at the local souk and use the $$ to get going on that South Beach vacation getaway you’ve been dreaming of
c) auction them off for taxpayer benefit upon return home

Guess which option former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright had no choice but to opt for? Geez, the hardships of working in upper management.


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