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Body Politick February 28, 2006

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Bibi the model shows up smelling of aftershave and asking for our votes. After elections? He won’t let us smell his socks… #13, Shas party list
Elections in 28 days. The rhetoric and ruthless backstabbing has begun.

But I wouldn’t know because I’m on hiatus from things political. The fun of that is allowing others to vocalize (rant) on my behalf. What a passive-aggressive way to share views, eh? Thinly veiled and entertaining at the same time.

Tamar, my Tuesday coffee pal attended a political forum last week; Here are her impressions (printed with permission, of course):

Roommate and I went to a candidate’s/parties’ forum recently to hear the raps. Very disturbing and fascinating. A lot of hatred. Why?

Speakers obsessed about security and Mr. Likud Uzi Landau and the handsome Herut man had subtexts that felt racist as hell. Mafdal with kipot srugot (knitted skullcaps whose wearers are generally associated with nationalism) with the United Torah unmentionables were equally scare-oriented.

A Kadima Russian “large-boned” woman constantly interrupted all speakers and a wig-wearing Meretz woman and Shinui pretty boy delivered shallow, uninspired rote.

The Labor man was intelligent and detailed yet he, too, was swept up in the Hamas-threat talk theme of the evening. I didn’t feel part of a country in the global economy of the 21st century. Rather, I felt in a tiny room with small-timers running for class president.

The one sane person was speaking for Tafnit (Democracy in Zion) addressing the short-term and longer-term platform. This I liked. Vision coupled w/bread and butter talk.

Most upsetting was a lack of understanding for or acknowledgment of the Hamas victory as at least partial commentary by Palestinians who had stuff on their minds besides blowing us up.

The evening was hateful because it offered no hope, no imagination, no compassion and it was filled with rhetoric of war, kill, defend, arm, enclose. Even Shinui, who has little military ring is saying the same thing in terms of platform. “We care not about who is in your bed or what you eat or who marries you.” To me this is pap because it is, again, without context or a concrete program.

Audience of raptly attentive Anglos; Beautiful moderation by David Horovitz.

I long for a government accountable to local constituencies. In the U.S. I enjoy phoning my congressional reps and demanding attention and deeds.
Did I tell you that Hebrew lacks the word for accountability?

Does this make me an American brat lacking proper understanding of the pap, er, I mean wisdom imparted?

..thanks Tamar


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