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Gymboree Party, Tel Aviv March 4, 2006

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Gymboree Birthday party, Tel Aviv


2 Responses to “Gymboree Party, Tel Aviv”

  1. Emah S Says:

    So, was it anything to do with the “Gymboree” in the states? Did you have that in San Fran? The children’s clothing line and the parties or Mommy/me classes??? I know last time we were in the HLC (as you call it), a friend was talking about a gymboree thing, and it really WASN’t.

    just curious….

  2. Stephanie Says:

    The place called itself Gymboree and had climbing structures, lots of padding, colorful balls and sockless kids..Truth? I never visited a U.S. Gymboree so have no measuring stick for comparison…??? slf

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