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Trivia March 23, 2006

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A few notable stats from the online press…

– There’s been a 15% increase in return of Israelis to the “Mutterland”- 5,700 in 2005 compared with 4,000 in 2003. The driving force behind the migration? Feeling at home here in HLC (Holy Land Central). 88% feel more at home in HLC compared with 44% who feel more comfy in their adopted country of choice.

And here’s a non-surprising stat: 81% enjoyed job satisfaction on foreign turf while only 51% are feeling it here…

– More numbers. Only 12% of Israelis are frequent flyers (!!!) Perhaps this is why job satisfaction is lagging?

Frozen solid: Members of the 10-person traveling peace delegation Breaking the Ice were turned back at the Libyan border after crossing the Sahara Desert – a 5500 km (3400 mile) endeavor – because two delegation members are Israeli and Libya doesn’t recognize Israel. So the Israelis were invisible and it’s against code to allow invisible people across the border…
Other delegates are Palestinian, North American, Afghani, Iranian and Iraqi…Read all about it. Cool in the warmest way possible was the team’s decision to forego Libya in deference to their imaginary mates.

Lest original content be lacking, a photograph depicting the consequences of billowing curtain combined with curious kitten


3 Responses to “Trivia”

  1. Carol Feldman Says:

    Hi, Stephanie. Just recently foiund your blog and am enjoying it. Happy Birthday!
    Carol Feldman

  2. Stephanie Says:

    thanks thanks…Is this Carol writer-type Carol? slf

  3. Carol Feldman Says:

    No, just a fan in Ra’anana. C

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