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Updates from the Big HLC March 30, 2006

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Because I so infrequently venture out, I’m providing a “news glean” this fine and fair Thursday morning in HLC (Holy Land Central). I’ll provide a few links to other people’s efforts and thoughts because at the moment none of mine are original or exciting.

Before getting started, however, allow me to note that the weather here is absolutely gorgeous. Evenings are a tad cool for my tastes but daytimes are warming up to beach temperate, the orange blossom and jasmine are sending off the gift of fragrance wafted in through the window each day and the masses are out and about milling and cafe sitting.

If you’re headed this way for Passover or Easter from, say, Toronto where at this very moment the temp is 1 degree C or 30-something Fahrenheit (ARE YOU KIDDING??) then you won’t be disappointed. Shed those togs, mes petits choux…

For insight and election commentary it’s well worth taking a stroll over to Allison’s blog. Her passion, thorough reading habits and background as a D.C. journalist come shining through. It helps to know a bit about the players and issues before going but it’s not essential. Also, check out veteran journalist Bradley Burston’s take on jihad tactics as a unifying force for Israelis.

This commentary opens a window for the view on occupation from a Palestinian-American comedian/journalist’s backyard. It’s a bit ranty for my tastes and some of the phraseology is a tad ghetto i.e. big mouthed, loser Arab leaders… but it’s an interesting read.

And LEST things get too serious over here at the Drive-Thru, check out this picture. What in the hell has happened to the Jackson clan? And how did LaToya’s PR agent allow her to venture into the public domain looking like that? And why is it that this family keeps running into overzealous plastic surgeons?

Over and out.


2 Responses to “Updates from the Big HLC”

  1. Swollen Says:

    Toronto may be 1 degree C in the mornings but in the afternoon it has gone up to 12-14C the past few days. My daughter is asking to wear capris and my son wants to wear a sweatshirt instead of a coat to school. I do miss HLC this time of year though!

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Sorry kind sir. You will not convince me. It’s freezing over there and you’re correct in pining for the weather here (poetic liscence) And by the way, I owe you a thanks for the initial dance drama tip off…myself and numerous others followed your link…slf

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