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A Quickie April 5, 2006

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I prostrate deeply for I have not faithfully updated…It’s NOT that I don’t have ideas and it’s NOT that I don’t think about writing. It’s just that:

1) We’re headed into Passover & kids are off school (read: no time for self, no time for self, no time for self)

2) We’re headed into Passover so friends are popping up each day (read: people who moved abroad are here for the holidays so the coffee, dinner and social calendar is FILLING!!!)

3) We’re headed into Passover so shopping is a high priority (read: picking up chatchkes for relatives is essential as is stocking bread & pita in the freezer – for this heathen, anyways – since it won’t be available at the supermarket for an entire week)

4) Our sweetheart, Golden Retriever has a bone infection in her foot. (read: X-rays, doctors, compresses 3 times a day, an antibiotic and pain killer regimen twice daily, dressing and bandaging a swollen, oozing foot the size of a smallish grapefruit at least twice per day. Will wonders never cease?)

5) I have so many deadlines I’m treading water (read: I have so many deadlines I’m treading water)

However, I will take this moment to share…

– The country is rapidly heading towards that pre-holiday frenzy: supermarket over-crowd, shopping mall herding, general impulse buying, frenetic spring cleaning and idle youth on Spring break hanging out in public areas looking for excitement and action

– Matzoh (feh!) is stocked to the gills. Come and get it at your local supermarket, corner convenience store, favorite drinking establishment and in vending machines wherever snacks are sold. No supply shortage here.

– The weather is vascillating between wanting to be warm and sunny yet sinking into rainy chill glum. Could we please get that one in order? We have company that travelled quite a distance to bare skin, for god’s sake!

Remind me to write about the security guard who is obsessed with Maccabi Tel Aviv and a cool young artist whose Asian inspired oil paintings are colorful and hip.

To bed. Over & out.


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