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Priorities April 6, 2006

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I like viewing art. Photography, oil on canvass, mixed medium, massive Burning Man installations, Pop, Cubism, Realism, Asian, South American, Japanese street chic, sculpture, architecture, design…I’m not choosy. Give me a viewing and I’m content for at least a few weeks.

I’d love to become a collector and connoisseur, just like I want to play the stock market. The latter I’m motivated to do after lunching with my retired Aunt Babe yesterday who shared her investment portfolio tips while confessing she’s self-taught. How does she know what to buy or trade? She watches investment programming, keeps an eye on relevant stock activity and buys or trades performance dependent. She says all it takes is studying and reading. I like reading.

As for art, my impressions in that realm have been formed by second-hand exposure to my mother’s auction purchases, museum visits and some study. Oh yeah! And also by the unremarkable San Francisco erotica art opening I attended where hors d’oeuvres and wine were served up by quite remarkable nude men.

Red or white? Mr. Absent Clothing asked alternately holding up each bottle-clutching hand. His intonation implied: Excuse me but, like, where have you been? Nobody who’s anybody in the service industry wears tired black and white these days. Oh honey, why don’t YOU pour ME some wine? Breeders. Sheesh.

Until that point I had neglected to notice the hired help. “Uh, uh, uh” I stammered, forcing my gaze to remain level. “Want me to come back?” he playfully toyed. I vigorously nodded yes.

So where was I going with this monologue? Nowhere special. Just wanted to share some art with ya’ll. Went to visit an artist’s loft the other night – Eyal Dobinsky’s his name and he’s based in Tel Aviv’s Montefiore neighborhood – sort of like an up & coming SOMA or Meat Packing District loft, artist warehouse-ish space area. Here’s a link to his site. I have my eye on the oil painting up yonder top of page…


6 Responses to “Priorities”

  1. sistamar Says:

    i am trying again to convey my most grateful praise and unmitigated delight on reading your messages from yonder o’er the pond. i can hardly wait to check out the artist’s loft upon my return to zion. my love to you and to , wise woman of warmth and wealth (measured in many ways).

  2. sistamar Says:

    make that “…my love to you and to ,…”

  3. sistamar Says:

    ahhh. sorry to clog up the comments folder. i sense that the cyberpolice consider your beloved aunt’s wonderful name to be unprintable as typed by moi earlier.

  4. Carol Says:

    ugh, Stephanie, find a different artist. 😦 Carol

  5. Swollen Says:

    I like Eyal’s paintings, his web site is very cool.

  6. Stephanie Says:

    Ooh good. I wanted feedback. Thanks, guys. Carol, how come you no like? Also, please direct me to work you think is good. I’m simply looking around and am very on the fence with this as well…slf

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