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This Means War! April 11, 2006

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Okay call me silly but when I read Reuters reporter Nidal-al-Mughrabi’s story this morning stating that Hamas views Israel’s suspension of formal security ties as a “declaration of war” I mused.. Wait. Did we have a noon coffee date together and now we just screwed it up? Wait, Wait. Does this mean you won’t be picking up the lunch tab?

Well I guess not seeing as the EU and U.S. cut off direct aid over the weekend.

I just don’t get it but again, I’m far from a political analyst. When an entity won’t recognize a country, won’t renounce violence and its judicial branch proudly and publicly declares Jihad and “death for the sake of God” as its new government is being formed …that seems a tad “troublesome” in more than just a roguish, drank a few-too-many-beers-last-night kinda way. But shucks..What would I know?

I know this: No money + declaration of war = No Good.

This feels like that kid at school who is determined to punch no matter what you do or say. Heck, you could declare your undying love and offer up a year’s lunch money and the kid would still bloody your nose.

Israel is BY NO MEANS whatsoever the impish, cowering kid in the corner so let’s rub out that implication from the get-go so as to give this posting’s comment section a break. Hamas, however, isn’t that cowering kid either.

I’m concerned over what may go down during Passover holiday.


5 Responses to “This Means War!”

  1. ontheface Says:

    Your last sentence gave me the chills! I still have vivid memories of Passover 2002…

    (spit three times, etc. etc.)

  2. Stephanie Says:

    Yup. Me spit too. slf

  3. Liza Says:

    They won’t recognize us, they call for our destruction, and they will continue to support terror activity against us, but the fact that we are suspending security cooperation is a declaration of war? Oh, for God’s sake…

    I couldn’t agree with you more! Sometimes I feel at my wits’ end with regard to this aspect of the situation. The lengths to which Palestinian officials will go in order to not take responsibility for anything having to do with Israel absolutely amazes me. The world keeps treating them like petulant children who shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions, whereas if an Israeli even so much as sneezes over the fence then Israel is accused of trying to poison or otherwise hurt the entire Palestinian population. As you reminded us, Israel is far from being an innocent victim here, but let’s get real. Blaming Israel for all acts of aggression while refusing to acknowledge that both past and present Palestinian governments haven’t done diddly with regard to keeping up their end of the bargain will surely leave us all mired in this mess for many years to come.

  4. Gavriel Says:

    Your point about noses being bloodied whether or not lunch money is coughed up was very important and well said. Sometimes people will cough up the lunch money anyway, even though they know they’ll still get punched in the nose, because their going to get punched either way — a draw — and they base their decision on a preference for coughing up lunch money to being blamed for not coughing it up. When the world understands that the punch will be thrown either way, maybe they’ll stop blaming and we’ll stop coughing. (we’re not perfect, yes, and I look forward to working on our perfection without a nose bleed).

    Great post.

  5. Stephanie Says:

    Thanks, Big G. Although I have to say I’m feeling none too happy or proud over the Gaza children paying the price…slf

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