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Spring Activity May 19, 2006

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Spring is a lovely time anywhere in the world. Things happen. Calendars fill. Life gets hectic.

Same here in HLC. Warring factions take to Gaza’s streets, Olmert prepares to take his Convergence Plan to Washington and here in Tel Aviv, I plan to take young Rapha to the weekly open-air flower market and then to Savta Dotty’s for her Friday Soup Salon – soup, writers and cross-talk.

I love being busy. Run, run, tight schedule, go, go. Pefect when alternated with lazy. Sit, surf, read, rest.

I get to feeling guilty, though, after a few hours of the lazy part. Like I should be out there accomplishing or getting something on the long to-do list done.

I see that Matisyahu is opening for Sting in Tel Aviv next month. That’s pretty cool. I’m not going to see Sting or Ricky Martin or Roger Waters in concert when they’re here. Not my thing. I am, however, going to see The Black Eyed Peas. Got tickies through my cousin. Hee hee. Maybe I’ll wear this to the concert. Then again, maybe not.

Okay…I’m starting to feel guilty because I’m blogging about bupkes and my toochas is going numb. Catch you at the flower market!


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