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Gaza Horror June 11, 2006

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There really isn’t a lot to say about what happened on the beach in Gaza Friday. “Massacre” “errant shell” “retaliation” “we’re checking into the facts surrounding the incident” “state of high alert”…

The rhetoric, reactionary statements, cover-up and various uses of this incident to either vent frustration over the current state of Gaza bedlam or sit snugly behind it with a trumped up sense of edification is tired. All of it. Tired, tired, tired.

What isn’t tired is 7-year-old Hadeel Ghalia’s plight. No parents. Five siblings gone.

They were hanging out at the beach for the day. Picnicking on beach blankets.

She is only a few years older than my son.


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  1. Stephanie Says:

    hmmm….i’ll think about that one…slf

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