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There’s Something About America… June 29, 2006

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that makes me shout with’s equal opportunity for every girl and boy

If you grew up in the U.S. of A., you are familiar with that song and maybe now it’s stuck in your head for the day. So sorry. Couldn’t resist providing viewers with a golden listening opportunity. (yes, I AM aware of the fact that this is not radio).

While traipsing across the grassy field along the lake en route home from the swimming pool yesterday, young Raph and I came across 8 geese, 4 goslings, a bullfrog hopping from the grass into the water, Bass jumping up out of the lake in attempts at catching low buzzing dragonflies, a light blue baby Robin’s eggshell, a lone Heron and two bird’s nests occupied by nesting mothers-to-be.

Schoingemacht. We’re living in Wild Country Safari.

I love my busy urban lifestyle – zigzagging on bicycle alongside waste emitting, horn honking, road-raging vehicles and drivers. But for a short reprieve, this country thing has got it goin’ on. The last time I saw fireflies was when I was twelve. Raph has never seen them.

We head into the weekend with July 4 fireworks, a get-together with Raph’s newfound Chinese/Thai friend, poolside relaxation, family visits and various other outings on the agenda. I am feeling increasingly relaxed about being here and nature aside, I absolutely adore the public library where I have been named “Official Library Harlot of 2006”.

I miss HLC (Holy Land Central) and am watching and reading as the events unfold. Sheeeet. Sticky, crappy stuff. I withold comment for the time being.


4 Responses to “There’s Something About America…”

  1. sistamar Says:

    glad you are bloomin’ where planted;-) which books have you checked out? my pile here includes jose saramago, andre green, hebrew short story collection, and project-related reads (brainstorming>>branding, et al.). kisses to bro rapha.

  2. Nicole Says:

    I was in Zichron yesterday (at Ramat HaNadiv) and saw lots of dragonflies (red, blue, and black ones), butterflies, frogs, tadpoles, lots of fish, etc. A great place to visit if you haven’t been yet. So you don’t have to cross the Atlantic to see wildlife. (And of course, there’s the wild tiger that popped into Kibbutz Ein Gedi last week – bet you don’t have one of those where you are now!)

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Nature in Israel? Gorge. My absolute favorite place on earth is in the Negev and Sinai (technically not Israel but never mind) where the silence is deafening. Here nature is at my doorstep so it’s a new experience.
    As for books, sis’ Tamar, I’m waitlisted for Anderson Cooper and Julia Child’s memoirs and “The Devil Wears Prada”. Also looking into “Blindness”…Lots of childrens’ books and lots of shite i.e. reading a few pages and dropping promptly into the “return” box.

  4. Nicole Says:

    You have to read The Devil Wears Prada – a great read (made even better if you ever had a boss like her…)

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