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Fresh From the Oven July 20, 2006

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I like funny. Funny, quirky, eccentric, creative, eclectic and lively.

While traipsing through Blogoland over the past days I came across those very elements and felt the need to share.

First of all, there’s Noorster. I’ve been reading her for some time. She’s got the funny, lively and totally eclectic going on at all times with just the right dash of taboo. No telling what one might find in the garden upon passing through the gate of her realm. A full on rant? A recant of service industry woes told from her I loathe this type work vantage point? Or a link to porn fashion? (sorry, can’t find that particular link anymore, hee hee)…Her writing rocks as does her photography…She definitely gets my vote for the hottest Hungarian/Israeli/Struggling Rock Star Idol.

Via Ms. Noorster I arrived at Nominally Challenged‘s A Whiff of the Med. OMG! Laughed so hard the tears rolled. From the lexicon, I gather Nominally is an ex-London drag queen transplanted to Tel Aviv. As a warm up, try this bit about the electric outage on for size. Now graduate to the taxi story….See what I mean?

And THEN, via following assorted comment trails, I found this gem, Overheard in New York. Do yourself a favor and scroll. Some of it is unbelievable.

Over & out. Flying to San Francisco tomorrow. Can’t wait.


5 Responses to “Fresh From the Oven”

  1. Nominally Challenged Says:

    OMG! Flattered is not the word!

    Thank you to the lovely Stephanie!! What a plug!! You have my vote EVERY time, and if you ever need red platform heels, I have a pair in a size 41 …

    Of course, now I’m under pressure to be funny … damn.

    Only one minor correction. I’m from Oz, i.e., Ozzie, i.e. Aussie. Not London. Not that I don’t love London. Some of the best rain ever to drizzle drizzled on me in London. But I in fact hail (no pun intended) from Sydney, Australia.

    Easy error to make though. Most of my own school teachers thought that they were in London (and in the 18th Century), so I’ve learned to forgive people for the mistake.

  2. Nominally Challenged Says:

    That should have been ‘patent leather red platform stilletto heels’. Huh! Anyone can have ordinary red platform heels. What was I thinking … ?

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Do you know how many times I’ve fallen off platforms? Forget it. My ankles are fried. But tks for the offer, Aussie sir…slf

  4. Savtadotty Says:

    I’ll be in San Francisco on July 29-30. E-mail me!

  5. noorster Says:

    Aw. Thank you! I’m honoured, I really am!

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