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Pub and Hospital Anyone? September 13, 2006

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My opthamologist wants me to have a test done because of unusual pressure behind my left eye.

So I phone up the socialized medical system hotline appointment set up lady and tell her what I need. And that the doc said I need to get the test done relatively soon.

“We have an opening on the 20th at 2 a.m,” she says in a blase, gravelly smoked too many cigarettes for too many years voice.

Like middle of the night 2 a.m.?

“Yeah. Or you can wait until October”

No. That’s cool. I kinda like that. Go out for the evening and then swing by the hospital for some tests. Like: Oh would you look at the time! 1:30. Must dash off to an appointment! Bill please!

Not that I’ll be out carousing at 1:30. But ambition is a good thing


5 Responses to “Pub and Hospital Anyone?”

  1. Liza Says:

    Another perfect example of things that never cease to amaze me in this country…

  2. Emah S Says:

    I would imagine though that they *might* not recommended drinking before eye tests…….but then again, this is Israel! anything goes! 🙂

    hope all goes well for you….

  3. Stefanella Says:

    You’re right, Emah. Have to fast. But I think if the beer is watered down enough it qualifies as H2O, no? ha ha ha ha..tks..slf

  4. Riihele Says:

    Hei Steph.
    Funny in a comical and odd way. I do wonder what keeps the doc going like the Duracell Bunny? Hope that he/she won’t give you too caffeine-affected diagnosis at that hour!All the best.

  5. Stefanella Says:

    Rihele, the thing that keeps them going is simple economics. The cost of operating a Cat Scan is apparently extremely steep. So they keep it working 24/7. wink wink

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