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Look Ma, No Tumor! September 22, 2006

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A few days ago I wrote/joked about going for medical tests in the middle of the night.

Alas, I was being coy. With so much doom and gloom on the blog front lately – dog dying, cat disappearing and re-appearing, apartment burgled, etc. – I didn’t want to go down more of the same dark tunnel.

THE TEST was actually a Cat Scan. I have a pretty virulent strain of glaucoma in one eye and my treating medical specialist was somewhat alarmed by the severity due to my relatively young age vis a vis the disease and the fact that it’s only affecting one eye.

So that’s what the fuss was all about. He ordered up a CT to ensure there was nothing adding to pressure behind the eye.

Now I will share that I was extremely nervous. And thinking about the end and all of that morose stuff.

But results are in and apparently I am tumor-free. Yahoo! Just in time for New Year. Praise the Lord (not that I’m religious or anything)


6 Responses to “Look Ma, No Tumor!”

  1. hadas Says:

    and shana tova and very very sweet.

  2. Riihele Says:

    Hei Steph.
    Great news. Brilliant. Have a Shana Tova meod -you n the yours. Keep well. =)

  3. Stefanella Says:

    Thanks, gals. A Shana tovah to you and yours as well


  4. Emah S Says:

    hey….glad you’re well. Hope that the glaucoma isn’t going to be too much of a pain in the ass (or eye!)

    shana tova,


  5. Anonymous Says:



  6. Liza Says:

    Wow – the waiting must have been agony. Glad you’re okay (aside from a case of raging “one-eye” glaucoma, of course…). Shana tova.

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