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Joan & Lydia Save the Day October 8, 2006

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You know those household remedies we use for everyday hassles like pouring salt onto a soiled garment to remove the stain or stuffing eucalyptus leaves into sofa cushions to ward off fleas? Lydia and Joan of Household Magic sat around compiling all these fix-its for your reading plesasure and the result is…well check out this webpage to get a feel. A glimpse of their picture is worth the effort. OMG!!

Sample text:

The checkout person at the supermarket thinks we have a houseful of cats!
But the only cat sounds you’ll hear at our house are purrs of joy—over all the things kitty litter does for us!
This absorbent, kiln-dried clay has many surprising uses, because it’s a peerless sucker-upper of oil, grease and odors—and a powerhouse disinfectant. (It has to be to deal with kitty waste.)
That’s why it’s the cat’s meow to…

Prevent mildew in bathrooms and elsewhere (Page 172).
Deodorize smelly shoes (132) or a smelly hamper (115).
Remove cigarette smells from furniture (27).
Give your car traction when it’s stuck in snow (266).
Soak up oil and grease stains on driveways and garage floors (273).
De-ice sidewalks, patios and driveways. Better than rock salt (198)!
Remove moisture and musty smells from closets (191).


One Response to “Joan & Lydia Save the Day”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Wow! I want that book! Thanks for the tip.

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