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Therapy Blues.. October 16, 2006

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Sitting with a dear friend over coffee today, she mentioned therapy. And the reason she opted out of her Jerusalem treatment.

During one of her sessions the therapist actually answered the cellphone(s). She had not one cellphone but two. Which rang not once but twice.

Call #1: “Yes dear, I’ll be home in an hour. Stop hitting your brother.”
Call #2: “No, I said the frozen x-tra cheese pizza. Not the hot dogs. It’s back behind the ice cream”

My friend chose not to return.

The socialized medicine system then referred her to someone else.

Who was deaf.

But he could lip read bilingually in English and Hebrew.

And at least he didn’t answer cellphones.

And I’M the crazy one??? my friend mused.


3 Responses to “Therapy Blues..”

  1. Emah S Says:

    Stef, did you read my post the other day about our therapy experience? It might be more helpful to your friend. 🙂

  2. Liza Says:

    Ummm… Third time’s the charm?

  3. Stefanella Says:

    Didn’t read the post – now I did. SUSHI!!! Yahoo! Forget my pal. I’ll go in for the Japanese. And is the third time like a trilogy or something?…ooooooooooohhhh..I hope so!

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