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A Night Off October 21, 2006

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Friday evening was a night off from apartment searching. Raph & I ate home roasted rosemary-lemon chicken and watched movies we rented earlier in the day. Tom & Jerry for young boy and Dare mo shiranai (Nobody Knows) for me.

The latter, a Japanese docu-drama by director Hirokazu Kore-eda, re-tells the true tale that shocked Japan some years back of four siblings hiding out from the welfare system in a Tokyo apartment. There’s much more to it but I don’t want to give anything away. Kore-eda also directed After Life (Wandafuru Raifu) which, if you haven’t seen, RUN! to the video store to rent. Its fresh & unique perspective will stay with you for years.

Perhaps, considering the intense stress of racing against the clock lately to find a new home, I should’ve chosen a different film. Because Nobody Knows resonated so strongly on levels of basic survival and protecting loved ones at any cost, that by the film’s end I’d gone through half a box of tissues. It was a welcome release, however.

The movie won awards in Cannes and Chicago when it was released in 2004 and it’s definitely worth a look-see, if for nothing else than to take in the characteristically Japanese self restraint and subtlety beautifully conveyed in the film.

Cross fingers. Hopefully signing a contract within days. (!)

8 Responses to “A Night Off”

  1. Liza Says:

    Have duly crossed all fingers, and added toes for good measure. Will send positive vibes too, but this will cost you extra.

    Keep us posted!

  2. Stefanella Says:

    You don’t, by chance, live in Israel with that “it’ll cost xtra” bit?

  3. Swollen Says:

    Will cross all fingers and toes as well. Probably too far away for good vibes though!


  4. Liza Says:

    OMG! Have I really been here that long?!?! Oh no…

    Okay, okay. I’ll throw in the positive vibes for free. 😛

  5. Stefanella Says:

    Steve: You always got my back. Thanks, homey.

    Liza, LOL. Wait wait. I’ll go one better: Will you make me a special price because I’m “your friend”? AHHHHHH !!!!!

  6. Liza Says:

    Uncle! Uncle! I give up! Just don’t tell anyone I gave you such a good deal. I’m not going to make any profit on this at all now…

  7. Stefanella Says:

    LOL LOL. You win. wink wink. *sigh* that was fun..

  8. Liza Says:

    Woohoo! I win! Happy dance, happy dance!

    Ugh. How pathetic am I? (Rhetorical question – no need to answer or speculate…)

    Note to self – Find hobbies. Get out of the house more.

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