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Theft in Broad Daylight November 9, 2006

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Noorster, a hugely talented, clever writer, randomly e-mailed this little quote today and because I’m exhausted and feeling hugely un-original, I am grifting and posting it here as any shameless and lazy thief of my caliber might do:

A couple of years ago I was sitting in the Kodak Theatre with my acceptance speech in my pocket, waiting to get up and say that I was the first openly gay actor to win an Oscar. Unfortunately, that was the year the blacks won.” – Ian McKellen

Note to Ian: The P.C. terminology is African Americans

Note to readers: A few years back when Sir Ian served as Grand Martial of the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade, he came RIGHT UP to my friend Axel who stood beside me and shook his hand. Axel is gorgeous, by the way. Drop dead gorgeous. I was in awe: “GANDALF WAS MILLIMETERS AWAY! HE TOUCHED YOU!! IT WAS GANDALF, AXEL!!” Axel was like: Yeah. Great. Cool Steph. Chill Out.

Oh well…Tomorrow’s the Jerusalem gay rally in lieu of the gay parade. It’ll be like a mass gathering in a contained space like those indoor pre-Christmas arts and crafts fairs held at churches. I suspect rally attire will be a tad flashier than what one might encounter at the church sale, however. Bummer the whole thing. But then again, who wants razor blades and human feces thrown at them?


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