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No Change November 15, 2006

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Place: Israel’s National Opera House
Scene: Box office
Background: Attempting to purchase Tickets to Magic Flute Childrens’ Opera Event

Oh sorry, we don’t have change for a hundred shekels (approximately $25 U.S.)
You can either pay with a credit card or come back another time
Okay I’m starting to get a little bit angry here. I don’t want to come back and I don’t want to use a card. I want to get the tickets now with cash. That’s why I’m here. You’re a bleeding box office! You don’t have change?
Would you like us to go get change at the coffee shop?

OMG!!! Breathe in. Breathe out.


2 Responses to “No Change”

  1. Savtadotty Says:

    Cash? It’s passe. Have you noticed at the grocery store people using credit cards for 20 shekel purchases, and nobody blinks an eye? I think it’s because at least half the shops in Tel Aviv are always out of change. Don’t mean to be unsympathetic to your plight, just sayin.

  2. Stefanella Says:

    Using ATM cards is one thing in a country where ATM use is common. But here, the land of overdrawn accounts driven by high interest credit card holders who don’t keep track of spending..plastic is virtual suicide.

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