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Rape & Women November 26, 2006

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A few days ago I blogged about waking up to the sound of search helicopters on the hunt for an escaped serial rapist.

He’s still on the loose; I’ve noticed that my women brethren (sic) are feeling discomfort, to put it mildly.

Funny (ha ha) what this type incident brings out in us.

I’ve never been raped. I’ve had a flasher or two or three show off personal jewels but no incident was shocking enough to push me towards the psycho-analytical couch. All of a sudden I’m thinking about a violent, angry man on the loose and what could potentially happen to myself, my son, myself in the presence of my son or another woman with children.

I’m cautious, studying faces for signs of the escaped rapist’s features, questioning neighbors about the “strange guy” loitering suspiciously outside the apartment building, nervous, wanting this menace to either split the country for a remote planet or be re-captured.

And I’m not alone. Women are talking about him, blogging about him, dropping his name casually in conversation. We’re double checking locked doors, looking over shoulders, asking drop-offs to wait until we get inside the house. My 14-year-old babysitter had her father pick her up instead of hailing the usual taxi home. We’re all frightened regardless of rationale or reason that tells us this psychopath is probably long gone.

The craziest part? When you break it down to the basic components it’s about body parts. This man uses a body part to violate others. Violently, in a frightening manner. It’s taboo. And I can’t help but wonder what in the hell happened to him.

The burn of it? Although we may have arrived and fancy ourselves living in the modernity of 21st century reality, this is a dividing point where we women remain vulnerable regardless. And people like this rapist know it.

SHIT I hope they catch him soon. For all of us.


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