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Public Service Announcement December 22, 2006

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For fans of skateboard, this is what the kids in my hood are getting up to over the Hannuka vacation.

What did we do over the vacation, you ask? Not much. I ASPIRED to goat and bee farms, movies and …Back in reality land, we rented Jimmy Neutron, had people over, went to other people’s houses and we’ll attend a final Hannuka shindig tonight. Otherwise, long hours of sleep, lazy days spent reading in the park or playing football (soccer in Amerikansky), walking around South Tel Aviv and the shuk…a lazy man’s holiday.

Here’s a PSA. Nice visuals; important message. Happy Last Harmonica Day!

A personal plug: For San Francisco area readers (or online surfers), I’ll have a piece in the Sunday Insight Section this weekend – Christmas Eve day. Happy reading…

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