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2006 Draws to a Close December 28, 2006

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As we lock down the shutters on 2006, the stroll down memory lane seems irresistible.

The New York Times has a great interactive Year in Photos worth checking out. Go to the link and scroll down to the 2006 Year in Photos. Featured prominently is last summer’s Israel-Lebanon war. Decide for yourself.

The Reuters 2006 re-cap has quotes, including this one pertinent to my current venue of choice:
I am officially announcing that Iran has joined the group of those countries which have nuclear technology. Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, April 11.

The Reuters site also has images. Great ones in Cuba and Iran of Fidel Castro and the above mentioned prez shot by stringers and a fab one of Shaquille O’Neal by Hans Derek.

My favorite-a-licious girl nasties at Go Fug Yourself haven’t put together a comprehensive 2006 re-cap but their description of dragging themselves from “brandy soaked nog-comas” is worth the trek.

I leave this entry with ruminations.

Recently I filed a story on Rwandans in Israel. The work spurred me to read and check out the film Sometimes in April to learn more about the 1994 genocide because my strongest memory of the period was a colleague’s stories upon returning from the carnage. Until Rwanda, he had thought he was a hot sh*t, conquer the world journalist. He came back shell shocked. And almost every journalist I’ve talked to or read has noted that of all the war zones they’ve covered – Sarajevo, Mogadishu, Lebanon, etc – Rwanda was the absolute worst.

The same is happening in Darfur, Sudan. Now. There are a gazillion ways to help out and get involved from letter writing to petitioning to donating cash to donating time and talents. Worth thinking about.

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