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Gay Piece January 31, 2007

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This just in! Mideast Piece, a new blog/website guide to gay relations in Israel-the Mid-East. A travelogue, guide to Israel’s gay locales, hot spots and The Scene , Mideast Piece is full of tongue-in-cheek entries on why gay men in the Mid East – Arab and Jew – should get along.

Founded by John & Matt (way to go, John), if nothing else, visit for the pictures. There are lots of them and the samples are yummy. But bear in mind a smattering of adult content.

A Mideast Piece Road Map for Peace
Mideast Piece aims to unite people around the world through shared adoration of that most sacred and bronzed of species, the Middle Eastern man. Whether Muslim, Jewish, Christian or Druze, these desert men are more valuable than any Saudi oil well.

As greater appreciation for the Middle Eastern male develops, we are confident the international community will intervene to preserve and protect this endangered species from destroying itself (and, on occasion, others). There are too many unattractive, pale people on Earth for the world not to make the entire Middle East a natural reserve of hot men, complete with admission fee, monorail, and – of course – petting zoos.


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