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Paris, Anyone? February 1, 2007

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I like Paris. I think it’s a cool place. Fantastic to walk around. Huge. Easy to navigate.

Cool architecture. Cool art. Great fashion. Fab but really Fab Food.

And here’s another reason to swoon over the City of Love:

Paris City Hall announced it has selected French outdoor advertising firm JCDecaux SA to operate a new free bicycle service in the capital.

Joining other European cities like the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, Paris wants to make thousands of bikes available for free to commuters, strollers and tourists — in part to help cut down on pollution.
JCDecaux’s Somupi unit is to have some 14,100 bikes deployed in the capital by this summer. City Hall’s choice of contractor was announced Monday.
THAT is cool. As is the above image of morning commuters in Beijing. Speaking of, I highly recommend Beijing Bicycle. One of my all time fave films.
But I digress. Stay green. Peace out.

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