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"Dear Officer" February 5, 2007

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On numerous occasions while traversing Tel Aviv, I have noticed cars or trucks or vans illegally parked on sidewalks, double parked in bus zones, standing in tow away zones or blocking driveways. Invariably, the offending vehicle will have a wee note stuck behind a wiper blade on the windshield.

Being of curious nature, I generally approach and read. Often, the notes go something like this:

Dear Kind and Benevolent Traffic Officer: (how’s that for pathetic?)
I am merely inside for a few moments while transporting a heavy load of groceries to my sick, invalid and housebound mother. I am certain you love your mother as I love mine and will find it in your heart to refrain from issuing a ticket.

Yours truly…a tax paying, hard working citizen of this fine country we both share. P.S. Where did you serve in the army? I was in the Paratroopers Unit in the north in ’92. Maybe we were in the same unit? Your friend, Yossi.


But I laugh each and every time I see one of these notes and I wonder how the patrolling DMV guys react…


2 Responses to “"Dear Officer"”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ah, but did the note get the car owner out of the ticket?

  2. Stefanella Says:

    Good question. And now that you mention it/come to think of it, I don’t ever recall seeing a ticket beside the note. ??? slf

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