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Things You Didn’t Know February 22, 2007

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Noorster tagged me. YEAH! I love being tagged. But then it’s only my second time. I guess if I got tagged every day my attitude might alter slightly. Or a lot. In the meantime…

Things you Didn’t Know About Me (but did you care? that’s what I want to know):

1) My Yiddish name is Sussa Libba (for f**k’s sake!)
2) I have three siblings – an older sister who is a teacher a younger brother who writes and engineers music and a younger, younger brother who is a chef
3) My lineage includes Polish, Irish, Scottish & Cherokee
4) I helped form a non-profit in San Francisco that illegally shipped AIDS medications – that would’ve otherwise been tossed – to Africa
5) While in London in the 90’s, I was invited to a private orgy. I attended but DID NOT participate. (i claimed strict voyeurism (!)
6) The two most frightening nights of my life: – When my (then) 4-year-old suffered a fever induced febrile seizure and – The first night of Scud missile hits in Tel Aviv during Gulf War #1
7) When I interned in local news in Cincinnati, Jerry Springer was the station’s lead anchor
8) I have never been to Disneyland or Disneyworld
9) My Hebrew name is Sareet
10) I don’t believe there will ever be world peace

I tag: Liza & nunbet


6 Responses to “Things You Didn’t Know”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Isn’t Sussa a female horse?

  2. Stefanella Says:

    Bloody probably it is, Nicole. As if the name weren’t bad enough. geez

  3. nominally challenged Says:

    In Yiddish “Sussa” is probably “sweety” or “sweetness”. Depending on how it’s actually written and pronounced, “libba” could be life or love (or perhaps several other things, but let’s go for the positive). So you’re Yiddish name is something like “Sweet life” or “Sweet love”. Could be worse – you could have been “Yenta” 🙂

  4. Swollen Says:

    Mrs. Swollen says that Libba means “beloved” and thinks that Sussa is a diminutive of Suzanna which was a very popular a name in eastern Europe. Of course Sussa also means female horse but that’s probably from the Cherokee side 🙂


  5. Liza Says:

    Hey! Libba is my Yiddish name! Whaddaya know?

    I was double-tagged on this, but the other tag only requires five things. Hmmmm… 😀

  6. Stefanella Says:

    See! So I’m not the only person who has parents that give quirkly Yiddish names that supposedly mean horse. Thanks, guys, (*sigh*) for the moral support and backing. I’ll take “sweet” and “dear” over “horse”, any day thanks very much.

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