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Hi Speed April 5, 2007

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I blogged this yesterday on Israelity – a site I blog on each and every day – and felt it worthwhile to repeat here…

A few comments about this video.

First, the preoccupation here in Holy Land Central with Iran is pervasive. From Israel’s Eurovision entry to daily news reports to the ad below for high speed Internet.

Let’s leave aside the message on the guy’s tee-shirt – “Combat (units) are the Bomb, Bro” -(loose translation) because …well I don’t agree with the general promotion or hype of military whatsoever. But let’s just leave that, shall we?

The film quality is beautiful. The choice of music is apropo. And the spark of hope it lends is worth hanging onto i.e. an Israeli casually strolling through Central Tehran and hooking up with an Iranian friend at a cafe.

I can see the potential. But regardless of the advert’s concluding message – “It’s not yet possible in real life but on the Internet it happens every day” – the ad is too powerful for an Internet campaign.

Judge fer yerself.

Thanks to Of the Art of Crossing the Oceans for the lead.


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