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When the Heat’s On June 6, 2007

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Living ‘oer here yonder i.e. the Middle East i.e. Israel “takes it out of you”. You really don’t have to read the newspapers all that much or watch the news. The political and religious aura is pretty powerful and it doesn’t make for light n’ easy living.

The current heat wave we’re experiencing – temps in the 90’s, thanks much – also weighs matters down. Meteorologists are predicting a dangerously hot summer – the kind my friend Jeff refers to as “wading through chicken soup” whenever he has to venture from the comfort of air con into the thick humid heat of Tel Aviv outdoors in the summer.

Living in this heated climate definitely changes perspective. On many levels. But let’s keep it basic. My 5-year-old, for example, has taken to carrying bottled water wherever he goes and lately he’s been briefing me on the signs of/how to avoid sun stroke. He’s learning this stuff in kindergarten.

Could be things are heavy in these parts because it’s the 40th anniversary of the Six Day War. Israel got sooooooo much more than bargained for with that one. And forty years later solutions to the ongoing problematic result of that “conquest” are still beyond reach. Fun fun fun.

On a personal note I am missing home and family. The less-cumbersome-on-a-daily-basis-lifestyle of the U.S. sometimes seems soooooo appealing from over here. I look forward to vacationing with family and allowing the seemingly frivolous to take over: which mall to shop in? what film to see? how many books to check out at the library? where to get decent sushi? Large sigh of relief.

Until I get there for vacation, however, watching episodes of Grey’s Anatomy –
I’ve become a Grey’s junkie along with the masses worldwide, apparently – impacts my family-missing quotient significantly.

The doctor talk reminds me of my parents, the tragic bits evoke guilt for being sooooo far away and specifically, when George was trying to gross out Cristina by letting food fall out of his mouth during lunch in one episode, fond childhood memories of my brother drooling on purpose at the dinner table (when my mother was in the kitchen) to make me gag came rushing back.

I finished my windsurfing course and during the final lesson was able to “do the impossible and balance on the board” which is how the club manager described my graceful style. I managed to stay up on the board for very large chunks of time, actually. I’m still recommending the sport. Even for a trial lesson. It’s “refreshing”.

That’s all for now. Over & Out.


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