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Literary Corner and Stuff July 15, 2007

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While recently on holiday in the U.S., I made certain to stop by the local library and check out a book I had put on reserve from afar thanks to the handy dandy world wide web..

It was Ishmael Beah’s A Long Way Gone, and it’s currently #5 on The NY Times’ Nonfiction Bestseller list; Next up I’ll be reading Christopher Hitchens’ God is Not Great, #2 on “The List”, but that’s for another entry.

I won’t give too much away about Beah’s book save to say that it’s the 26-year-old’s memoirs of serving as a child soldier in Sierra Leone. Revelatory, painful and a window into northwest African warfare, culture and the world of recruiting children to fight battles while robbing them of their youth. Difficult to read. More difficult to put down.

LATER: Here’s a clip from The Hour – an interview with the book’s author Ishmael Beah…

Speaking of youth or …well I don’t know exactly what category this next bit falls into.. this type family conversation is straight up Emily from SNL:

Do you remember years ago in Chicago when the eggheads were causing a lot of trouble? They were desecrating Jewish landmarks and creating a public nuisance? Well there was this one boy

Ma. Ma. Are you sure you don’t mean ‘skinheads’?

Right. Skinheads. Anyway, there was this one boy….



One Response to “Literary Corner and Stuff”

  1. noorster Says:

    That book reminds me of ‘Allah Is Not Obliged’ by Ahmadou Kourouma. I could. not. read. that. book. Read first twenty or so pages, still have nightmares about it.

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