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The Candy Shop November 19, 2007

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Let’s preface this next one by saying that while I do like some of 50 Cent’s stuff In Da Club, despite the gangster theme, reminds me of an old friend who lovingly addressed me with: Yo, Whassup shorty? – I don’t necessarily agree with 50’s themes. I certainly don’t troll for his material.

This came to me sort of by accident. I was looking for a Bar Refaeli video to put up on another blogsite and came across a video with images of Bar and the music from this video as backdrop.

I listened to the lyrics and knew I had to take a peek.

Listen to the lyrics. 50 definitely has a sense of humor.


3 Responses to “The Candy Shop”

  1. Benji Lovitt Says:

    Holy cow, I think my temperature just shot to 104 degrees.

  2. Swollen Says:

    When I ask my 10 year old son to demonstrate what he has learned at Hebrew school, he’ll sing some Ashrei or similar prayer followed by a coda of 50 Cent. He learns both styles of music at the same place!


  3. Stefanella Says:

    I just can’t fathom any of fifty’s material being close to clean enough to splice with Hebrew lessons. Go figure…

    & my 6-yr-old saw the start of this video and remarked: “It’s all girls at the Candy Shop. Only one boy”. And walked away in disgust.

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