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Mr. Aquarium January 16, 2008

Filed under: Humor,Quirky,Typically Israel — stefanella @ 9:46 am

This week while hanging out in an office reception area waiting to see “A Person About Stuff” the aquarium man arrived to clean out the office fish tank.

He stood partially obscured behind a partition counter between the reception and kitchen areas where the aquarium served as a room separator and set about the task of diligently scrubbing the inside walls of the glass fish house; The poor gill breathers probably got more excitement than they’d had in a lifetime what with the unexpected man-made tsunami going on inside the tank.

But the tank needed the clean-up. It was filthy. So filthy that when aquarium man started scrubbing the glass, it turned the color of medium strength tea mixed with floaty bits and blobby pieces.

After a few minutes I heard the aquarium man cough, sputter and gag. He then dashed from behind the counter to the toilet and (oh please don’t get sick; i don’t want to hear you get sick) spit into the toilet several times.

He returned to his place behind the counter and resumed doing whatever it is aquarium men do and again, the coughing and sputtering started up. What is going on with this guy? i thought.

Standing to stretch i.e. get a better view of him, I saw that what he was doing:  Draining the aquarium into a bucket by way of vacuum.  And just how was said vacuum operating?  Via aquarium man‘s mouth, that’s how.  He was sucking on a piece of cut-off garden hose running from the tank to siphon i.e. create flow and he was then shoving the hose into the bucket.  That is, after getting a mouthful or four

OMG!!!!! I thought. Hellllloooooo!!!! Disease? Fungus? Illness? Death?

Another woman in the reception area saw what I saw and, in disgust, turned her grimaced face away from Mr. Aquarium.

GO-BUY-A-PUMP…(aren’t there regulations in Holy Land Central against this kind of thing?)

Lord have mercy. Fun fun fun. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

fun. fun. fun.


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