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True Tales from HLC May 13, 2008

Sometimes being a transplant to Holy Land Central (Israel) means adapting to lots of foreign mannerisms and ideas.

Well duh.

But sometimes when adaptation is in very rough stages, the discomfort needle JUMPS to the meter’s red section. And the resulting feelings run the gamut from giddiness over the ridiculousness of the situation to incredulity over its surreal points to raw anger. “Why aren’t they behaving the way I expect them to?” It all depends upon situation and mindset at the time of the event.

Today I was on the phone with a telephone service provider support rep. I can’t retrieve messages from my voicemail system so I explained the problem to the rep. About five times.

She conducted some testing for about half an hour, seemingly the standard tech-telephone-talk-time, and ultimately she corrected the problem.

That’s great but how do I retrieve the message I know is in my voicemail because I can see the blinking light and hear the flashing tone and my friend told me she left a message yesterday?

I dunno, the rep replied. Why don’t you call your friend and ask her what she said?

What utter brilliance! Why didn’t I think of that?

Geeyad. Time for vacation.


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