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Elder Care Perils July 22, 2008


Stefanella: Middle aged single mom supporting self and son via a writing and journalism career. Stefanella is energetic, cynical, oft unecessarily stressed & sometimes abrasive. She has a wicked sense of humor and a keen appreciation of the arts and fashion.

Raphael: Stefanella’s mature-for-his-age 6-year-old son.  Raphael is sensitive, flexible and very friendly.  He laughs often and gets along well with peers.  He plays fair and corrects his mother when she doesn’t.

Savta Rutee: Stefanella’s mother, Raphael’s grandmother.  Rutee nee “Patricia”, as she’s referred to by people other than her grandchildren, retired in 2007 after a decades’ long career in senior care nursing.  Rutee is kind and considerate and tries her utmost to “do the right thing”.  A model citizen, she follows the rules and doesn’t drink, swear or run red lights.


Breakfast table in the kitchen nook of Savta Rutee’s semi-ornate suburban Ohio home.  It’s a bright summer morning and sun streams through triple bay window panels.

Stefanella and Raphael, visiting from Israel, are readying themselves to go out for the day.  Stefanella prepares Raphael’s summer camp lunch, Savta Rutee pours coffee and Raphael, seated in his place at the round table, maneuvers toys between bites of buttered bagel and watermelon cubes.  Beside his gold and maroon place setting he has laid out several 1.5 inch diameter, gray and brown stones retrieved while hiking the previous day.

Rutee (moving closer to Raphael, alarm in her voice): “What’s that next to your plate!?”

Raphael: “They’re rocks.  Aren’t they pretty?”

Rutee (sighing with relief) : “Oh thank god.  I thought it was fece– Well never mind”

Stefanella (eyebrow raised): “Are you kidding?  Why would you think something crazy like that, Mom?”

Rutee: “It used to happen all the time in the dining room at the home.  Good old Mr. Weinberg or Mrs. Keltisch would be sitting there eating breakfast and right next to the plate would be a few–

Stefanella: “Okay.  Thanks.  You can spare the graphics.  We ARE having breakfast.”

silence ensues as Stefanella contemplates.  Raphael, not mature enough to have honed in on THIS talk, continues eating & playing with his toys

Stefanella: “But wait.  How on earth did it get up there on the table?”

Rutee: “They’d pull it out and put it up there.  Just like that.”

Stefanella: “Oh god.  Thanks”

–cut to black–


4 Responses to “Elder Care Perils”

  1. Liza R Says:

    Glad I didn’t read that post while I was eating breakfast (though nothing as fancy as a buttered bagel and watermelon cubes).

    You forgot to mention that Raphael is also a budding young artist!

    Missing your wicked sense of humor here in HLC!

  2. Peggy Says:

    When are you going to write your first novel.
    Still waiting.

  3. stefanella Says:

    Peggy – blush blush blush. Will you buy a copy? Promise, promise, promise?

    Liza: Girrrrl missing you too! And honey, thank your lucky stars you weren’t seated ’round our dinner table back in the era of my father working the emergency room and my mom the nursing home. You can’t imagine the table talk. I’m very very not squeamish when it comes to medical talk combined w/food

  4. Liza R Says:

    I can handle medical speak at the table. Doodie talk (or doodie show-and-tell), on the other hand…


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