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Ain’t My City October 28, 2008

Kudos to pal Lisa who posted a link to this video on Facebook. After viewing, I too felt compelled to post it.

For the non-Hebrew speakers out there, municipal elections are creeping up in Holy Land Central (HLC).  In recent years Tel Aviv has morphed into an overpriced urbana with sky high rents, sky high apartment complexes, soaring real estate values and SUV’s parked on sidwalks (San Francisco fallout, anyone?).

Thing is, this isn’t New York, London or even San Fran (where there IS rent control).  This is Tel Aviv.  The campaign is a good one.  The participants are all letting viewers know that while Tel Aviv “is not their city anymore” it could be if candidate Dov Hanin is elected mayor.


5 Responses to “Ain’t My City”

  1. PeaceLily Says:

    Thanks for posting this! I love this ad. And it’s prompted me to go do some more research on the candidates…as I just got my Israeli voter registration card in the mail today…(see my last post). Thanks, again.

  2. nikki Says:

    slightly xenophobic, though. so there are no americans with normal israeli salaries to vouch for the city? not all of us, or even most of us, are millionaires, contrary to popular israeli opinion. is tel aviv only for native hebrew speakers? i didn’t hear any american accents, nor french ones (i actually do know some french speakers who are also not millionaires). funny thing is, the people in my “anglo-famous” neighborhood asking ridiculous real estate prices and/or driving the fancy hummer-type suvs are not english or french speakers…

  3. stefanella Says:

    Good point, Nikki. Hadn’t even noticed the issues you bring to the fore.

  4. nikki Says:

    listen to the ad again. they specifically mention the french and american buyers of the expensive apartments as part of the problem. they do also include realtors in that list, which in my opinion are the true force behind the hyperinflated prices. don’t blame the buyers, especially by labeling them as one “kind” or another for buying what is offered. it is the realtor and the developer who encourage and drive the market, majority of whom in this country are in fact native hebrew speakers.

  5. Peter Says:

    i havent seen the ads..etc
    but i have a question here. when a rich foreigner (probably jewish but that seems to be irrelevant in today’s israel) buys an apartment for ‘too much’ money, that money ends up in the pockets of a local israeli ?
    controlling prices is something that has led to failures in other countries in the past and never served the common good, it only favours a narrow interest group

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