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Pedestrian Beware! May 23, 2009

My backpack loaded with fresh fruit and vegetables, I exited Tel Aviv’s open-air Carmel Market & hopped on my bicycle.

Twenty-five minutes to get home, unload purchases, drink something cold and get to my son’s school in time for pick-up                   


I zipped through traffic, weaving from sidewalk to street and back again in an effort to beat the clock.

REALLY not a smart thing to do anywhere but particularly in Israel where offensive driving and fatal traffic accidents are commonplace.

I saw the light turn red but decided to go for it anyway.  I know.  Tsk tsk tsk.  Bad cyclist.

I zipped into the crosswalk and in my peripheral vision sighted the portly, middle-aged male in bermuda shorts, tube socks and running shoes as he stepped off the curb.

I didn’t brake.  Bad bad cyclist.

The pedestrian hastily retreated to the sidewalk and in a thick Scottish accent protested loudly to his companion:

But the light is Green!”

And because I was zipping, I didn’t call out an apology.  I was already gone.

But internally I chuckled.

Yes it’s green. But this is Israel!  Must be a Tourist.  

Technically I guess it could’ve been Manhattan or London or San Fran or Cairo.  It’s sort of an urban thing but it doesn’t make it okay.

I know.  Irresponsible and selfish.

Bad bad bad cyclist.


4 Responses to “Pedestrian Beware!”

  1. Dorftrottel Says:

    Oh come on, he was a pedestrian. He deserves what he gets if he’s not going to mount a bicycle to save the planet from global warming, or whatever cause the poncy espressionistas have latched onto this week.
    Tel Aviv cyclists are the greatest reason to buy chicken wire.

  2. stefanella Says:

    Dorf, Dorf, Dorf. Chicken Wire…hmmmm. Did we have a wee run-in with a cyclist?

    • Dorftrottel Says:

      I have run-ins with cyclist every days. You see, once you ride a cycle is this city, you are lord of all you survey and pedestrians can jolly well walk in the traffic and leave the pavements free for the oh-so-trendy-look-ma-I’m saving-the-planet cyclist.
      I’ve even seen cyclists attempt to move a mother pushing a baby carriage on a narrow stretch of sidewalk out of the way .
      So until cyclists learn some manners, yes, chicken wire.

  3. toby Says:

    Where oh where did you find that photograph?!? It’s really something 🙂
    I’ve realized lately that I’ve become a much more aggressive driver since moving here. I can’t decide if I approve of myself or not. Either way, I can certainly understand where you’re coming from!

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