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BIG SALE!!! February 20, 2008

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26review5.jpgValeria? You know my birthday’s in April, right? I asked my friend as she answered her cellphone.

Now I do…she answered cautiously.

You know that store on Kikar Ha’Mdina with the really great display windows? I asked. The one at the corner of Tashach?

Uhum…Valeria mused.

Listen. There’s a great great great dress in the window. It’s a Prada. Now I know what you’re thinking…But you know there’s a sale on in the store right now!

70% off, right? Valeria volleyed.

Yeah! That’s right! So I was thinking, since you are my bestest bestest friend in the whole wide world–

How much?

16,000 I whispered. (That comes to about U.S. $4500..slf)

Well, with the 70% off, that’s a little over …um…lemme see…4000Sure. No problem. Talk to you later.

**It’s important to have friends who indulge (fantasies) once in a while**