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A True Israeli…. February 10, 2008

These next two videos highlight a problem in Israel that recently came to the fore: Although army enlistment is mandatory for the country’s 18 and over set, a record number of young people begged off doing service this year.

As I have noted in previous entries, instead of analyzing the problem to find out what’s motivating the younger generation, higher ups have launched a shame campaign.

Below you’ll find a shame campaign video followed by a parody produced by “pro-choicers”. The closing caption on the first reads: “A True Israeli Doesn’t Avoid” In the second, the closing caption reads: “A True Israeli Doesn’t Avoid …The Truth”

(give the 2nd video a few minutes to get to the English part)

My politics are clear on this matter. What do you think?

Thanks, Fridge, for the lead…