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Pre-Pubescent Martyrs March 24, 2007

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Allison recently posted this absolutely sickening video that to my thinking borders on porn. I look at stuff like this and realize how very broad the mentality chasm between the two peoples is. Can it ever be bridged?

Here’s a tamer version of the same thing. And I still ask: Can it ever be bridged? I’m losing hope and faith. And by the way, you’re right little girl. You won’t be kids forever. Especially if you blow yourself up. Shahada, incidentally, is a martyr for the cause (i.e. suicide bomber).


Oh Nooooooooo!!!!! March 21, 2007

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It is HAPPENING! I’m beginning to INTEGRATE!!!

I think it sorta crept up from behind when I wasn’t looking. All gradual and sneaky like.

But I’m beginning to notice it in small increments. The way waiting at bureaucratic offices makes me cringe but not boil. The way I try to think two steps ahead (i.e. strategize) and today, how I attempted to foil the system.

I was sitting at the offices of the local Maccabi Medical Center waiting my turn. I needed to take care of some billing and paperwork. I overheard an admin. woman turn to her colleague and say in Hebrew: “Do you speak English? How am I going to help this guy with his paperwork?”

I offered to translate and they accepted. He was from France – a new immigrant signing on for health benefits on behalf of himself and his wife (who was not present).

We got through the mandatory questionnaire part of pre-existing conditions, medications, surgeries etc. and then the admin. woman noticed he and his wife hadn’t signed the forms. I can’t bring them onboard until they both sign, said Ms. admin. I translated.

And after translating, while Ms. admin was busy on the computer, I hid my face behind the plant on her desk and pantomimed/whispered to the French guy: Go outside and forge your wife’s signature! He smiled and whispered back: “Trying to turn me into an Israeli already?”

He departed and then it was my turn. I got the same admin. woman.

About 20 minutes into our “session”, I chuckled when I noticed the French guy hadn’t returned. “Honest guy,” I said aloud. The admin. woman looked puzzled so I confessed, telling her the story.

Shame on you! she admonished with a wide grin. Don’t corrupt him so quickly. Let him stay naive and innocent for two minutes, wouldja? It won’t last long.
It’s not because we live in a den of dishonesty (although some may beg to differ). It’s because you learn what’s important and what’s not. What is worth going back home and coming back again the next day for to wait in line for an hour and….need I say more?

Mothering in Holy Land Central March 18, 2007

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My 5-year-old son goes to a Tel Aviv kindergarten with 32 other kids. He has been in the Israeli school system a year and a half – since we moved here from San Francisco. Prior to our move he went to The Haight Ashbury Co-Op.

His first year in Holy Land Central (HLC) he struggled with culture and language gaps, geographical differences and a general longing for the familiar. Amidst adjustments, his father and I separated.

This year he feels more grounded and is excelling socially. But his kindergarten teacher recommends he stay back a year. Because she says he is somewhat immature emotionally and she also feels that his language skills won’t suffice through an entire day of 1st grade challenges (in Hebrew).

Coming from the American culture of “push push push, go go go!”, I at first rebelled internally against the teacher’s recommendation. But then I began consulting with other mothers, former and current teachers and my resolve softened.

I kept hearing from other mothers: “Keep him back! Let him play for one more year. Don’t push him.” What is this? I wondered. Laziness? Why don’t they favor pushing forward?

And then one mother voiced what I suspected might be behind the seeming slacker mentality.

Are you in a hurry for him to go to the army? Let him stay back a year!

And there it was. Something we all think about. It may be 13 years off in the horizon but it’s there in our collective thoughts.

Because just maybe, as is the popular suggestion handed down from parents to children for decades, there will be peace in my child’s lifetime and he won’t have to go into the army. So why not give the opportunity for peace an extra year?


Hail to Advertising March 16, 2007

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I live in Tel Aviv around the corner from this billboard ad for Crocker Jeans. And for obvious reasons, the first time I saw it I:

1) Did a doubletake. It doesn’t really say that!

2) Laughed upon realizing that indeed it did

3) Thought: Wow, I have to take a picture and blog it
But it was nightime and my little Canon digital wouldn’t have done it justice.

Zabaj photo’d it so I’m borrowing their image.

Neery a dull moment here. Neery a dull moment.

Visual DNA March 15, 2007

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i totally stole the idea for this from Noorster. I LOVE IT! go do your own profile. hell, take a look at mine. it’s fun.


Mind Boggling

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I found this post while skimming for material to write about.

It’s so troubling that I really don’t know what to write about two kindergarten aged children being interviewed about their mother “the martyr” who blew herself up in order to kill Jews.

That poor child, I kept thinking as the small girl whispered Hamas drivel about honor and Paradise the anchor has asked her to share. She squirmed. And I wondered how she’ll feel about that interview when she gets older. Poor children.

“Do you miss your mommy?” the asinine anchor asks the children.

I can’t put up the video here because in order to do so I have to first ask permission from Memri (Hamas) T.V. for the code. That’s just not something I’m going to do.


Ambassador Bondage March 14, 2007

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I should let this one go. It has already made headlines ALL OVER the world and others have blogged about it and the story’s almost old – it’s been out for days.

But I can’t.

Because the sensation is too much of a temptation.

WHAT WAS ISRAEL’S AMBASSADOR TO EL SALVADOR THINKING when he put on his bondage gear and got oh-so-flaming drunk only to be found in a near-naked stupor (save the bondage ball in his mouth) in his backyard by Salvadorean police? Clearly he wasn’t thinking. And I guess we don’t plan on our bondage masters leaving us tied to the backyard tree while they dash out off for coffee, hmmm?

Poor guy. He got his kink on and now his career is ruined.

Makes me think of two things: 1) Pee Wee Herman 2) That horrible bondage scene from Pulp Fiction

As if there wasn’t ENOUGH attention directed to this part of the world! Geez.