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Leveling May 25, 2007

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I recently took up windsurfing off of Tel Aviv’s coast.

It’s challenging. Learning to balance on the board while hoisting the sail, accounting for wind direction and wind speed, shifting direction and turning or jibing takes practice, quite a bit of falling into the sea, swallowing a very unwelcome quantity of seawater and bruising legs and feet when falls aren’t graceful.

Aside from the physical aspects, twice during lessons I have been very pleasantly surprised to see religious Jewish men surfing.

I know they’re religious because I see them before they put on their wet suits: yarmulkes (male head covering), tzitzit and the standard issue black pants and white button down shirts.

Today’s encounter was a bit awkward – in the club changing room, odd as that may sound. But it’s not, really, because most of the surf and SCUBA clubs I’ve seen in Tel Aviv are unisex. One or two showers for all and a non-gender-specific lock-with-key changing room if a person wants privacy.

Locker areas – generally the place people put on or take off wet suits and boots and change into or out of seaware if they’re not bothered about privacy (which I’ve found is often the case) – are mixed.

So as I stood in my wet bathing suit and boots in the locker area waiting for a lock-key room to change into street-wear, across from me stood a religious guy removing his tzitzit and other articles of clothing. He didn’t strip to bare skin. That would’ve been awkward. He found an empty shower stall and locked himself in for the final swap from pants and shirt to wet suit.

Once in his sea togs, you’d have never known his religious preference save a few locks tucked behind his ears.

I hear he’s a yeshiva student from Jerusalem who can’t resist the sea; he comes down to Tel Aviv when the wind is good or “surf’s up”.

Leveling the playing field. It’s a wonderful thing.


Say Cheese!! May 24, 2007

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Here in Holy Land Central, we celebrated Shavuot yesterday. Biblically it marks the time when Charleston Heston aka Moses received the Torah on Mt. Sinai. It also is a time to celebrate fruits reaped from the 1st harvest.

In these here parts, however, somebody got his/her food chart confused. Because people gather together on this holiday and indulge in copious amounts of brie, Gruyere, neufchatel, creamy blintzes, and assorted varieties of cheesecake – all clearly not listed in the fresh fruit column of Miss Sally’s 1st grade inverted pyramid.

I was invited to a rather nice brunch sorta thing yesterday with the type of fare described above and then some.

You MUST try my signature gnocchi. The secret ingredient is the truffle oil a friend urged in whisper tones. It was good. Very good.

But I was holding out for the cheesecake. Holding out all week, in fact. I hadn’t had any sweets AT ALL because I was saving up for a nice, thick slice of homemade no-bake cheesecake. I assumed there would be some and I wasn’t disappointed.

HOWEVER, as fate would play out I had to split the gathering after an hour and a half. And dessert had not yet been “busted out”. I lamented to a few friends on the balcony.

Tell (the hostess) you’re leaving and to bring out dessert for heavens sake! an unknown confidante suggested. It’s Israel! You can do that here!

Yes, but I’m still who I am regardless of where I am. And I couldn’t bring myself to impose in that manner.

Bummer. I had to go. All of the anticipation and I didn’t “get my cheesecake on”. My waistline (and toochas and thighs) will thank me.

Who asked them?


Living the Matrix May 22, 2007

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I’m generally skeptical of the facts and figures rattled off in these type compilations. But if they pan then it makes for interesting food for thought. For a few minutes, at least.

tia Gehirn Waschsalon


Eco-Children May 20, 2007

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This is dated footage but compelling nonetheless…


Conclusion May 19, 2007

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A few notes on this Saturday eve as the sun sinks behind the Mediterranean in my ‘lil city of Tel Aviv:

1) The neighbor saga. Not good. Guess who read my blog and is NOT amused by my quirky (a friend terms it “cheeky”) sense of humor? Despite attempts at remedying the situation, methinks no amount of patching will stymie the hole in this blown tire. shit. shit. shit.

However, it is time to stop blogging about it. Enough already.

2) Israeli lifeguards. You could write a book. They sit in a wooden tower facing the sea watching people frolic day in and out. You don’t even know they’re up there on calm sea days. But get an undertow or high tide going and oops! There they are! Barking non-stop at swimmers through their megaphones.

Move away from the breakers!” “Hey you in the white swimsuit, did you hear me?” “Okay that’s it. All three of you come over here to the lifeguard tower right now“.

Standard stuff. Except when it’s not standard. Which is the constant stream in-between the standard stream. Because…gee i dunno. It’s Israel and the rules don’t apply? Or they know they won’t get sued for poking fun or being rude? Or because it keeps boredom at bay?

Hey parents! Where are you? This is not your bathtub. I am not your babysitter. Does that kid in the blue even have a parent here?” or “All of you move away from the breakers. That goes for you, too, Mahatma Gandhi” or “Gina! Where have you been all morning? Come over to the tower and we’ll have coffee! I dreamed about you last night.

(i swear)

3) I was going to write about how nuts I find the situation in Sderot & Gaza to be and how upsetting it is to see front page images of children terrorized by or glazed over from exposure to constant air raid sirens and rocket hits. But I don’t have the energy for it. And quite frankly, it seems every other person in these parts has something to say about “the situation”. So I’ll let the others do the saying.

Over & out


True Confessions May 16, 2007

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It’s time to do some soul cleansing.

& not because Big J has gone to The Eternal Tent Revival in the sky.

It’s because last night I was found out. And I wish to warn others of my trespasses. Call this penance. Hail Mary. Let’s eat.

But seriously. Last night during a meeting of Tel Aviv freelance writers – I organize monthly get-togethers – I casually mentioned to a friend: That’s my neighbor and motioned towards the woman across the table who is, indeed, my neighbor.

Someone seated beside my neighbor who reads this blog overheard and loudly asked: Is this the neighbor you wrote about in your blog?!

Deafening Silence.

And as a matter of fact it was and as a matter of fact I countered the extreme awkwardness of the moment with a casual brush-off: Yeah, I wrote about the worms, hahahaha! I said turning to my neighbor as if we shared some secret pact. (I also wrote about the cockroach but kept it mum).

What did you write? I want to see it!
pressed my very embarrassed neighbor who was aware she was in the company of strangers who knew about her life.

Oh I’ll tell you on the way home, I remarked casually (bluff bluff bluff).

And en route home, I fudged a little and softened here and there and promised to send her a copy of the copy. I didn’t tell her it was on my blog because I don’t think she’s familiar with blogs. Or at least not mine. Yet.

The crux: I messed up. Because I like my neighbor but I wrote about her and embarrassed her. Yeah she’s a touch hysterical; she’ll readily admit to that. But she’s kind. She let me borrow her chairs when I had guests for dinner, she offered to care for my cat whenever I go away and she came to last night’s meeting to support me although she’s not a writer.

The lesson: DON’T write potentially hurtful material about someone you care about unless you can disguise their persona. I got out unscathed this time but next time…??

Jerry, you taking notes and putting in a good word on my behalf?

Hail Mary, Hail Mary, Hail Mary…pass the peas, please.


Moral Check-In May 14, 2007

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Last week, press and bloggers in Israel and internationally were buzzing over the story of a motorcyclist who attempted to pass between a cement truck and moving traffic and was killed when he went under the truck wheels and for very long moments, it appeared no one stopped to help him. He died of his wounds and the incident was captured on a traffic camera.

The uproar has been over the apparent moral decadence of society because people didn’t appear to stop & help. Drivers swerved around the victim. He lay there on the pavement and NO ONE STOPPED!

However… when cousins were visiting this weekend we debated the issue and my cousin Doron brought up several very salient points:

1) At the moment of the incident, people were stunned and pulled over out of “eyeshot” of the camera and then ran back to help the man. That takes a minute in traffic.

2) NOT EVERYONE is meant to get out and help. He illustrated by asking us all: You know (nameless person we all know)…Can you imagine her being able to get out of the car and administer 1st aid? Come on! She would need 1st Aid. He has a point. Not everyone can handle an emergency…

3) And that leads to the point of the function of those who don’t function well in emergencies. They did what they could by calling the Israel equivalent of 9-1-1. I would be interested in knowing how many calls came in to 101 about the man during that scene.

It’s horrendous. No doubt. The video is here. I’d rather not post it out of respect for the victim.