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The Aging Woman and the Sea October 26, 2005

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There is NOTHING like the open sea for rejuvination, relaxation and realizing how very small we are…

Went out on a catamaran for 1st time ever, compliments of Sea Center Tel Aviv
Never mind that my job was to simply sit, observe and provide weight for keeping us balanced…It was great! Waters were choppy (15 knots) making for a very exciting excursion. I have really missed warm water and water sport in general.


4 Responses to “The Aging Woman and the Sea”

  1. Agathe Says:

    Hello, my name is Agathe! I practise catamaran in a club. I’m french, I’m 13 years old! I love the catamaran, this sport is my passion because I love the sea.. It’s a beautiful photo!!


  2. Agathe Says:

    I love, just that. I admire you.

    Lots of crazy, some people enjoy.. Good ambiance!!

  3. stefanella Says:

    It’s cool. I have to get back to it already!!

  4. sailor cat Says:

    How can you change the catamaran’s direction when you sail at that extreme angle?

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